Six (6) Black-Owned Natural Hair Companies to check out in 2017!

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Tropic Isle Living

Tropic Isle Living was started by a Jamaican husband and wife duo – Michael and Lois Hines in 1992 and focuses on natural hair and skin care products. The brand dominates the Jamaican Black Castor Oil presence on social media and seems to be the best in the business when it comes to the hair thickening dark oil (Jamaican Black Castor Oil aka JBCO). If you have been struggling with thin or sparse edges, try Jamaican Black Castor Oil, many naturals vouch for its efficacy all the time both online and off. Here’s a warning: I have heard that Jamaican Black Castor Oil has a strong scent, so if possible, smell the oil before making a commitment with a purchase because it may or may not be the best oil for you.

Black Girls Long Hair (BGLH) butters:

I came across BGLH when I was searching high and low for whipped Shea Butter. As a natural hair enthusiast, I had been on the website before, but I didn’t know they sold anything or even made their own products. Of course, I could make my own whipped Shea Butter but as much as I’d love to be a DIY-er right now – I’m not. So I checked out their selection, read the reviews (which were really good), and went ahead and placed my order. I figured why not give it a shot because I really could not find quality whipped Shea butter anywhere else. I ordered the largest size of the unscented whipped Shea butter which is currently $25. I also had to pay for shipping in which I chose to have my shea butter shipped to me in a cool bag. As a southern state dweller ordering in a very hot season, the extra cost of the cool bag did not help at all. I received the product in a completely liquid state – which I don’t blame anyone for. I simply let the product cool and solidify again and it was good as new, I probably lost a little product throughout that liquify – solidify process, but for me, that wasn’t a big deal. Overall, I am pleased with the quality of the shea butter so if you’re in the market for a whipped butter, check out BGLH’s marketplace.

Here is the link to the unscented Shea Butter I purchased:

Karen’s Body Beautiful

When I first went natural in 2010, the natural hair community on YouTube loved Karen’s Body Beautiful! One of the most talked about products around that time was ‘The Sweet Ambrosia leave-in’ from KBB. Other popular Karen’s Body Beautiful products are the Super Duper Hydrating Cream (link to Amazon below) and the Hair Blossom Moisture Mist. All of Karen’s products are made in Brooklyn, NY and are silicone, mineral oil, paraffin, sulfate, petroleum, propylene glycol, DEA, phthalates, and paraben free. I personally have not tried the line, but I would love to! If you’re interested in reading/watching some reviews check out YouTube and Amazon and decide if you want to move forward with the brand. Link to Karen’s Body Beautiful Website:

Oyin Handmade

I must admit that Oyin Handmade is one of my favorite natural hair care brands. I like them because their products are very moisturizing and fairly natural. Oyin handmade makes hair and skin care products and have expanded to Sally’s and Target! My favorite products from the brand are the hair dew, whipped pudding, and the Greg Juice. Oyin Handmade is pretty under-rated but they really work and smell amazing. Also, I shared my first impressions of Oyin Handmade’s 5 piece Snack Pack, here on the blog, check it out if you have some time to spare.

OBIA Naturals

OBIA Naturals flaunts Vegan pH balanced Hair and Skin products and was started by Obia Ewah, a trained chemist in 2012. Obia has degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Public Health and strives to make her products very healthy for most hair and skin types. She is also one of those product creators that actually uses the product they make – she trusts her brand! Obia Ewah works closely with the President of the brand, her brother Omini to continuously improve and grow their brand. You can pick up Obia Naturals products at select Walmart, Target, Sally Beauty, CVS Pharmacy, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Face Values outlets.You can also shop on their very user-friendly website and learn more about the creator of Obia Naturals with the #askobia hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.

Alikay Naturals

Alikay Naturals was started by Rochelle Campbell aka Blackonyx77 of YouTube. In the early days of the natural hair community on YouTube Blackonyx77 or Rochelle Campbell was an inspirational natural hair influencer that contributed positively to many women’s hair journey. She was a source of inspiration and information for me in the beginning of my natural hair journey and continues to be a resource for many in the space of entrepreneurship and hair care. Based on her brand and product, Rochelle seems to be very knowledgeable and passionate about her craft and is actually very personable. I wrote her when I first started my blog letting her know that I appreciated her YouTube content and she responded back with a very personable message, so I am definitely going to try the lemongrass leave-in very soon.

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Six Black-Owned Natural Hair and Skin Care Brands to Check out



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