How TO Create a Master Grocery List

How to Create a Master Grocery List. How to Grocery Shop Efficiently and Effectively – In and Out of the store in NO TIME!


Why you should create a Master Grocery List:

Having a master grocery list takes the guess work out of grocery shopping and allows you to always know what items and ingredients you have on hand.

Before you make your master grocery shopping list, be sure to read this post (LINK) to learn how to meal plan.

How to Create a Master Grocery List

First, have a complete “mental dump” moment. Think about grocery items you consistently purchase and write each item/ingredient down.

Next, go through your food storage and pantry areas and add staple ingredients and items to your list.

Then, go through your refrigerator and write down any items you may have missed in your initial “mental dump” of consistently purchased items.

After you’ve written down all of your family’s staple grocery items, group them into categories. Some examples are: Fresh Produce (fruit and vegetables), Meat(s), Dairy/Eggs, Grains, and Miscellaneous.

TIPs for your Master Grocery List:

  • Print a few copies of your list so you always have them available for shopping trips.
  • Keep your lists in a place that everyone in your family can see so they can edit it as needed.
  • It would be great to have an electronic version of your list so you can edit and share it with other family members!

How to Grocery Shop Efficiently and Effectively to get you In and Out of the Grocery Store in No Time

For those that don’t want to create a personalized master grocery list, here’s a link to where you can get a free “Ulitmatest” Master Grocery list, complimentary of

Here’s how you can effectively and efficiently grocery shop:

  1. Get the layout of each of your favorite grocery stores. You may be able to find the layout/map for each store on their site or in person at the customer service desk.
  2. Create a master grocery shopping list for each of your main grocery stores. Each grocery store has a different layout, so creating a master grocery list for each location will be helpful in getting you in and out of each of those layouts quickly.
  3. Create your grocery list so that you are picking up things in an order suitable for you whether it be from the left to the right side of the store, from the front to the back of the store or more beneficially creating a path that allows you to get frozen and cold items last.

Writing a grocery list by aisle location will help you to:

  • Save money and time by skipping aisles that don’t have items you’re looking for.
  • Help your health by avoiding unhealthy rows.
  • Become a pro-shopper in case you want to become a personal grocery shopper for Instacart or Shipt!

Hopefully these tips will help you to get in and out of your grocery store quickly – getting everything you need and forgetting nothing. If you have additional tips please share them in the comment section below as I’d love to learn more efficient ways to improve my grocery shopping



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