How do (should) I document my Natural Hair Journey?

How To Document your Natural Hair Journey and Natural Hair Story

There is no specific way to document your natural hair journey; there are many ways to document your hair in the various stages it will go through. With that being said, here are a few tips to use as a guide when documenting your natural hair journey.

First and Foremost – Remember that Every stage is Important = Every stage in the natural hair journey is important. Document the beginning, middle, and peak of your natural hair journey; your successes and failures, and highs and lows. It will not benefit you to only document the positive events in your natural hair journey. The word journey often denotes overcoming hardships and the ability to be persistent. If only the positive aspects of your natural hair journey is documented, you’ll be missing out on an opportunity to truly reflect on your hair’s growth and your own personal progress throughout the journey.

-Take Photos = If at all possible, take as many photos as your camera or phone can save! Every stage is important and if you plan on creating a blog, YouTube channel, or other creative or informative platform, having photos to support your “natural hair journey” or “natural hair story” will be imperative for success.

Also, having photos that specifically shows your natural hair at various stages is good to have because it allows you to appreciate your journey. At times, you’ll feel as though your hair isn’t progressing, these are the times when your photos will come in handy because you’ll be able to look back and realize how far you’ve come. Even if there isn’t significant progress, the photos will solidify that going natural is indeed a journey that takes time, effort, and patience.

-Document Dates = With every photo or note taken, be sure to document the date and even the approximate time if you enjoy knowing small details. It’s important to document the date of photos and notes so that as you look back on┬áthe information you can accurately see a clear timeline of when certain milestones were reached. Being organized and knowing details helps in every endeavor.

-Compile information periodically (every 6 months, every year, etc.) to see Significant Changes = Compiling information periodically helps you to see the growth you’ve made up until that point in your natural hair journey and helps you to recognize your progress. Compiling information periodically also helps to compress a lot of information for future use.

-Be Creative & Have Fun = Experiment – try different hair treatments and styles. Step out of your comfort zone and do things with your hair that you’ve never done. Of course, be moderate in all things and don’t do things that you will regret later. Have fun with your transitioning/natural hair, that way, you’ll actually have something to document.

-Enjoy the process! = Although at times, going natural and being natural can seem like a difficult journey, it’s important to remember the BIGGER picture. You are learning a lot, and experimenting often – these are the moments you’ll remember and even miss. With that being said, don’t sweat the little things – the bad hair days, a style gone wrong, or even a snide remark; try to stay positive and enjoy the process.

Periodic Compilation Ideas (Written, Video, or Photo Slideshow)

  • Transition from Relaxed to Big Chop or Natural
  • Big Chop/Bald to 6 Months or 1 Year Natural
  • 6 Month Hair Journey Update Blog Post
  • 1 Year Natural Hair Journey Video
  • Favorite Natural Hair Styles of the Year
  • Natural Hair: Year in Review (Year 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.)
  • Natural Hair Fails of the Year (for fun!)
  • Natural Hair Length Check (can be done every six months)
  • What you’ve learned about your natural hair over a specific time period





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