How Do I Go Natural? How to Go Natural Step by Step

  • First, do your research.

Learn as much as you can about going natural; the process, products, maintenance, and hair styles.

Bookmark this site or add it to your favorites so you can always refer to it when you’re searching for natural hair information or inspiration. Bookmark your other favorite natural hair websites and blogs too – knowing where to go in times of hair crises will be helpful when you’re actually in one.

Read books. When I was introduced to the idea of going natural I read Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America.

Reading this book in the beginning of my natural hair journey gave me great insight into the history of Black Hair and it also gave me a great appreciation for Black Hair in its natural state. Pick up a few books that will shed light on the history of Black Hair, Black Hair Maintenance, and Black History to increase your knowledge as you begin your journey to healthy natural hair.


  • Decide if you will be transitioning to natural hair or doing the Big Chop.

Read the section on our Transitioning Hair page titled: “Is Transitioning to Natural Hair a Good Choice for Me?”  Also, read the page “How to Go Natural – The Big Chop

  • Talk to your Family, Friends, and Supporters.

Transitioning to natural hair is a huge deal and having people to support you along the way will be helpful. Let them know that you’ve decided to transition to natural hair and why you’ve made that decision. Your supporters can act as your accountability partners, encouraging you to continue in your transition to natural hair. They can motivate you along the way and hopefully, help you to avoid relaxers/perms and straighteners.

  • Get started.

Allow your natural hair to grow. Most people have at least ½” of new growth before doing their Big Chop or first trim in their transition. Feel free to cut as little or as much as you’d like during each of your trims. To quicken the process, try to cut more inches than you’ve grown.