I purchased this product on sale at Whole Foods for $6.99 (16 oz.). The larger bottle (32 oz.) was also on sale for $9.99; but I decided to try the smaller bottle first to see if I would like it. I used this product for every shower for a while to see how it worked as a body wash and shaving lotion – and in order to give a thorough review, I used the entire bottle.

PRICE: $8.99 for 16 oz. and $11.99 for the next size up (Regular price at the time of Purchase at Whole Foods)
AVAILABILITY: This product is available at Whole Foods and on the company’s website Alaffia.com
PACKAGING: The packaging’s color combination is aesthetically pleasing (I think the yellow and orange scheme is representative of the tangerine fragrance of the soap and possibly their brand). The 16 oz. bottle comes with a pump, while the 32 oz. bottle comes with a regular pour out spout. On my 16 oz. bottle, the pump was very helpful when it came to washing my hair in the shower and using it as a shaving cream, etc. I simply held my loofa or hands under the opening and pumped away. I love products that come with pumps, especially for shower usage, because it makes it so much easier to get the product out. The bottle is an average shampoo bottle size and fit nicely with the other products in my shower.
SCENT: For the first few uses, the tangerine/citrus scent was extremely strong for me. It didn’t give me a headache like some other products do, but it was definitely a very strong scent. The citrus scent is true to its name. Each time I used the product the scent would be slightly bombarding and then it’d go away.
CONSISTENCY: Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap – Tangerine citrus is a dark brown color and has a smooth consistency. This soap is similar to typical family style body washes – less creamy, a little more watery – not runny; and once rubbed into palms or washcloth, has an average lather.
KEY INGREDIENTS: African Black Soap (Saponified Shea Butter and Palm Kernel Oil) and African Mint Extract. Naturally scented with Tangerine, Orange, Lemongrass and Litsea Essential Oils
CONS/SUMMARY: As a face wash this product did not make my skin oily, nor did it leave it extremely dry. I did have a clean feeling afterward but it wasn’t the typical squeaky clean feeling you get from using typical face washes. Alaffia Black soap works well as a shaving soap, but so does almost every other commercially sold soap. My skin didn’t come out any smoother than normal but I can say that with this soap I did not receive any cuts and I used this soap multiple times for shaving my legs. The main reason I purchased this black soap was because I had been thinking of switching to using all natural and minimally processed body and hair products. Unfortunately, as a hair cleanser (shampoo) this product didn’t do the job for me. In the hair, this soap lathered fairly well and cleansed my hair okay, after rinsing I still had some leftover product on my hair and scalp (residue?) My hair was left with the tangerine scent, which some might like. As a result of using this soap as a shampoo, my hair was left very dry (before applying conditioner).
RATING: 2.75 out of 5 stars. In all fairness, I think Alaffia is a wonderful brand that supports amazing causes and I am not opposed to trying other hair/body/skin care products from their various lines. Unfortunately though, I will not be purchasing this soap again. For black soap, I will stick to minimally processed black soap bars (unscented).


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