Sometimes, we just want to show our length! Here are five different ways for you to stretch your curly natural hair.

1. Use heat tools:

  • Blow dry your hair using the tension method to stretch your hair without combing.
  • Use hot steam rollers to stretch your natural coils and kinks while achieving big and bouncy curls.

2. Elongate your curls with these curl creating tools:

  • Flexi Rods
  • Curl formers
  • Rollers

Using any of these curl creating tools will help in stretching your natural curls, resulting in hair that appears longer.

3. African threading – The African threading method is becoming increasingly popular in the natural hair community for elongating curly coils.

4. Banding – Banding is similar to African hair threading and is one of the easier hair stretching methods. Anyone can do it as long as they have scrunchies/hair ties at their disposal.
These hair ties are the best for curly hair because they don’t have metal that could potentially snag on your curls.

5. Wear a ponytail or high bun for a while – Wearing a ponytail for a few days stretches the immediate front and immediate back of your hair. Of course, the ponytail needs to be a little tight in order to stretch the hair.

How To Combat Shrinkage in Natural Hair

  1. Stretching – banding method, wear your hair in a ponytail, comb the hair out completely before braiding or styling, blow dry, pineapple or twist at night, and to maintain a style use a stretching creme.
  2. Picking your roots for volume makes your hair appear bigger.

Are you a natural that loves shrinkage or do you prefer to wear stretched styles? Let’s discuss in the comment section.



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