Why You Should Meal Plan

Should I (You) Meal Plan? Why I think Meal Planning is worth your time! + Why You Should shop with a Grocery List

    1. Meal planning helps to save money on groceries because when you plan, you can incorporate weekly sales, coupons, and retailer deals.
    2. Meal planning helps to maintain your grocery budget because when planning, you can determine which ingredients fit into your budget. Some ingredients may be too expensive, but if you plan, you can easily purchase substitutions.
    3. Having a meal plan keeps you away from fast food. Eating out often adds up quickly – in dollars and pounds.
    1. Meal planning helps to save time on meal prep day because you will already have an idea of the necessary preparation and won’t need to waste time looking for recipes. You also won’t have to leave your home to get missing ingredients since you would have shopped with an accompanying grocery list.
    2. Meal planning and shopping with a grocery list helps to save time in the grocery store because not walking down every single aisle streamlines your shopping.
    3. Meal planning helps to save time because you can comparison shop in advance. You may want to choose the best flour, whether it be the generic or name brand, organic or conventional.
    1. Mental energy: When you plan your meals, you don’t have to rack your brain contemplating what you’re going to eat or serve for dinner because it has already been laid out for you – the ingredients and the instructions.

Meal prepping makes things even easier! If you have a very strategic plan, you can know which veggies to chop, what quantity of each ingredient you’ll need, and instructions to prepare your meal. Depending on how you meal prep, your meals could be ready and waiting for you, perfectly portioned out, ready to heat and serve.

  1. Physical energy: If you’ve planned a hearty crock pot meal to enjoy after a long day, the hardest physical activity you have to do is remove a lid and lift a utensil; Or, if you’ve prepped your food for the refrigerator or freezer, when it comes time to eat, you can simply pull your meal out, heat, and eat!
    1. For planners and people who like to know what’s coming next, having a meal plan allows you to do just that. You can plan very specifically or even vaguely depending on your needs, but if you have a plan you will always know which meal is coming next and how it will be prepared.
    2. You’ll always have something to look forward to. For some people, having a meal plan can help them to eat better or less/more depending on their needs. When you have a delicious meal planned for dinner, you look forward to eating it throughout the day. If you’re an overeater, meal planning may help to regulate your eating because naturally, you’ll want to have the capacity to eat the meal you worked hard to prepare. If you tend to not eat enough throughout the day, having a meal plan can help to remind you to have a meal.


  1. MEAL PLANNING HELPS TO REGULATE DIET – A balanced diet helps to maintain weight and overall health.
    1. Typically, when people meal plan, they tend to include healthy dishes that incorporate colorful and nutritious fruits and vegetables.
    2. For some, having a meal plan can help them eat better while eating less or possibly even more depending on their goals. When you have a delicious meal planned for dinner, you look forward to it all day and as a result tend not to overeat so you can enjoy it when the time comes. On the other hand, if you don’t eat enough throughout the day, having a meal plan can remind you to eat.


    1. When you start planning your meals, meal prep becomes much easier and may even start to come as second nature to you.

Meal prep helps to shorten meal preparation times and cooking times. When you meal prep, you can chop your veggies, make your broth ahead of time, and wash and spin your lettuce for a salad you plan on making the next day.

    1. Finally, meal planning and meal prepping can help you to enjoy cooking more, especially if you are a beginner cook. Meal planning/prepping will help because when things are planned and prepared for, they tend to go more smoothly. When something goes smoothly, we start doing it more often and that particular activity becomes easier. When something becomes easier, we tend to do it more often and when we do things more often we start oftentimes start enjoying it!

Start meal planning, meal/food prepping, and grocery shopping with a list; I promise, you won’t regret it!

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